Awareness . Preparation . Leadership

We create awareness of educational and leadership opportunities for Latino students in northeast Indiana by preparing them to take ownership of their education, enroll in college, graduate and lead in a global work environment.


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Meet Diego. He’s a 14-year old immigrant from Mexico. He’s parents work two jobs each and are not home much to encourage him. As a result Diego is falling behind in school and getting in trouble. His teachers think he has a lot of potential, but he needs a nudge to motivate him. An organization […]

Financial Aid Advice

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We’re here to help guide you through the financial aid process. We have all the information and resources you need concerning financial aid, from filling out your FAFSA forms, find grants and scholarships, to private student loans.  You have enough to worry about with classes and books. Let us help make your transition easy. 

Teaching Resources

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We are a community resource focused on building strong educated individuals. So here it is! A place where not only teachers, but parents are able to utilize free lessons, activities, brain teasers, teaching tips, daily quotes, and much more!

Important Deadlines

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We know you have alot going on, so to keep you on track, we’re providing you a list of important dates. A general list of dates for open houses, tours, information sessions, and of course scholarships and grants. 

Scholarship Information

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Need help finding or applying for scholarships? There are a wide variety that you can choose from. Best of all, it’s free money for college or a vocational school! Ask one of our volunteers, they will be more than willing to help you start your research early to meet those scholarship deadlines. This way you will […]


Goals for 2015

Did you know college graduates make more money than those with only a high school diploma? College graduates also have a higher rate of obtaining employment. And, if they do find themselves out of work, their unemployment period is less than that of a high school graduate. Education matters!

Our modest goals for 2015:

  • Increase the number of Northeast Indiana Latino youth that will enroll and complete college.
  • Provide mentoring and tutoring services to Latino students at South Side High School.
  • Provide personal and leadership developmental services to Latino students in northeast Indiana.
  • Provide career and college preparation services to Latino students in northeast Indiana.

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