Welcome to Latinos Count

As our nation’s economy continues its recovery from the Great Recession, it is very clear who is working and earning a nice paycheck: People who have continued their formal education beyond high school. Our singular focus at Latinos Count is about helping students to commit to additional learning at a two or four year college or university, or an apprenticeship program.

Our vision is “to prepare Latino youth with necessary skills to be leaders in a global environment.” The companies that thrive in the global marketplace are companies with a diverse employee base. Our mission is infused with three guiding principles: Awareness. Preparation. Leadership. We create awareness of educational and leadership opportunities for Latino students in northeast Indiana by preparing them

 to take ownership of their education, enroll in college, graduate and lead in a global environment.

Community leaders have established a regional goal for the year 2020. If, by that year, about 60% of the adults in northeastern Indiana will have completed college or an apprenticeship program, they believe our communities will be prosperous. Our region will never accomplish that goal if Latino students are not viewed as an asset.

Latinos Count is about connecting Latino students and those committed to a vibrant regional economy.